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It is always important to understand the legal procedures of divorce, especially when you are in the state of California. Luckily, we have provided simple solutions and answers to all the questions you need towards understanding the basics of the divorce process.

The Basics Of What A Divorce Is

Whether or not you are a resident of the state of California, it is important to get to know the basics of how to settle a divorce case.

Firstly, it is important that any family issue you have with your spouse before or during the divorce, must be documented and be processed under the divorce paperwork so that everything is roughly transparent and makes things easier to resolve when it comes to assets such as real estate or property or even the custody of children if there are any present.

Of course, it is also important that before you can file anything in the state of California, that at least one of the two spouses seek a residency if they need one or have a residency up to six months maximum. This then allows the paperwork to be processed quickly, and if not, then you would have to wait six months to make sure the papers for residency are established and filed.

Another thing to understand about marriage law is that it is different from state to state. No law is similar, and in the case of the state of California here, you are technically not considered married unless a marriage license has been obtained to confirm the marriage is now officially “legal”.  It also doesn’t matter at all how much time you’ve spent living together during the marital process.

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