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Factors Taken Into Consideration For Long-Duration

Most courts in the state of California can determine the amount and duration for spousal support so long as they take into consideration these factors:

  1. How much can each spouse make financially in order to maintain a healthy and well established standard of living.
  2. How much each spouse contributed for education, their careers, and other assets needed during the course of their marriage.
  3. The needs that each spouse would require for their standard of living
  4. How long did the marriage last
  5. The age and health of both spouses and the amount of possible emotional distress that may have occurred while filing for the divorce.
  6. Other contributing factors that may play a role in determine what needs to be in the final process for divorce.

Overall, the judges in these courts won’t need to use Section 4320 as a means to determine who needs temporary relief. This means that even if one spouse is asking for support as the divorce filing continues, the judge for the case at hand will use a set formula in order to calculate the temporary spousal support needed.

In the end, the Ten Year Rule is nothing but a myth and in reality is something that requires indefinite support so long as the marriage lasted more than 10 years. However, make no mistake that ten years as whole is a long lasting milestone and can affect the ability to revisit several key factors in the future.

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