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For many families filing for a divorce in the state of California, they were able to peacefully handle and settle their divorce cases in an uncontested manner. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every divorce case can be handled in an uncontested manner, as there should be a sort of legal representation and advice to guide the spouses through the divorce process. Many uncontested divorce lawyers understand that both parties would want to settle things in the most peaceful manner possible, and then to their own separate ways once the agreements have been made among the two of them, it is important to consider that there should legal advice for the more problematic outcomes that can occur later on in time.

Uncontested Divorces 

According to the California Family Code, it states that couples or spouses that plan to divorce or separate must follow certain procedures, as well as have an agreement between the two of them of the divorce process. These types of agreements also include the division of each spouse’s property, and in order to safely divide the property evenly, it is best to consult with an uncontested divorce lawyer so that any disagreements can be prevented and the contract between them stays intact. Many tend to look for uncontested divorce lawyers that go for low rates and can finish the job at a quick pace.

However, it is still best to seek out the help of more experienced lawyers and professionals that can reassure both parties that the agreement is exactly how they agreed upon; meaning they get what they both intended on getting. This includes inheritance, a division of property, child custody and support.

Family Law Application

In Section 2310-2313 of the California Family Code, both parties have to be in agreement in order to have an uncontested divorce. They also need to live within the California state and have valid reasons for having a divorce, including insanity as their reasoning. It should also be agreed upon the court they’re filing the divorce with, and the paperwork needs to be executed and filed in an orderly manner to ensure their ability for an uncontested divorce.

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