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There has been a lot of questions when it comes to collaborative divorce cases and how it is the most “attractive” method to use when it comes to family law cases, especially those on the spectrum of divorce. With what has been going with COVID-19, many courthouses and law offices have been closed due to preventing the spread of the pandemic. Some have even reduced their work hours and have even worked remotely to settle these cases.

With that said, here are a few reasons as to why using the collaborative divorce method could greatly benefit you, especially during these times of COVID-19 and social-distancing:

1. Time Control/Management

Many cases that deal heavily with collaboration tend to not rely on their court and judge systems when it comes to settling certain deadlines to file certain things necessary for court. With collaborative divorce, the parties involved can set the deadlines depending on how fast or slow they want to proceed with their case.

2. Working Towards A Solution 

Collaborative divorce cases tend to resolve many of the complex issues that can arrive with a divorce case, similar to those who proceed with the regular and more traditional method of handling family law cases. This included the following:

Who moves out of the initial property

How much time each parent will spend with their children if any

The financial support/needs the children may have if any

The financial support to pay bills 

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