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Divorces are difficult enough to deal with, but it can be even more difficult for couples who have special needs children. It can be overwhelming, especially for the spouse who gains custody, to figure out a strategy to achieve a successful and positive future for your child. It’s important to figure out what needs to be done to ensure his or her protection and well-being.

Child support is an aspect of divorce that comes with having children, but having a child with special needs requires more financial care. The amount of potential doctor appointments, dietary needs, equipment and other related costs will be increased with a special needs child, so be sure to take this into consideration. It’s important to estimate these expenses accurately in addition to the original child support to ensure your child is receiving proper care and that no gaps in assistance are left open.

Instructions should be as detailed as possible when drafting a parenting strategy with your spouse. Make sure you can come to a mutual agreement and understanding regarding your child’s needs in order to efficiently prepare for his or her future.

Child support will usually end when the child becomes an adult or when he or she has completed further education. This can vary depending on the needs of the child. Certain special needs children may require assistance further into adulthood and potentially for their whole lives. Be sure to discuss with your spouse your child’s eligibility for benefits, employment, living on their own, and other related issues to ensure it is addressed in your divorce contract.

Consulting a family law attorney is crucial to accurately planning your finances in regards to your special needs child. Having a special needs child can affect spousal support payments as well. It can become very confusing as it is very dynamic, but it important to avoid losing your child’s rights.

Working towards an agreement to best suit the needs of your child requires reflection and thought. Be sure to customize this agreement to include any potential future or long-term costs that may arise. Prioritizing your obligations to your child in the settlement will help to provide a healthier life for your child.

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