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and rules, amongst other things, that make each type of support function in different ways.

Temporary Spousal Support

Getting a temporary spousal support is not meant to last very long at all. The point of getting temporary spousal support is to make sure that the family’s standard of living will be maintained throughout the process of receiving a divorce.

You can request temporary spousal support when you have separated with your partner by filing a motion with the court.

Permanent Spousal Support

Permanent spousal support lasts far longer than temporary spousal support. If you have been married to your partner for 10 years or longer, the court may award this type of support. Permanent spousal support will last either until one partner dies, if the partner being supported remarries, or if there has been a substantial enough change to warrant a modification within the spousal support order.

Some of the factors involved when deciding if permanent spousal support should be awarded include:

  • How long the marriage lasted;
  • If one spouse can pay for the support;
  • How old and healthy each partner is;
  • How much each partner could potentially earn;
  • What tax consequences each person could face;
  • If one person actually lost earning potential because of the amount of time spent raising the children;
  • If one partner helped contribute to the other obtaining their schooling or professional license;
  • Length of time the support is needed for; and
  • If there has been issues related to domestic violence in the relationship.

Due to how complex spousal support disputes can be, we highly recommend that you hire an attorney to help guide you through your case. Our attorneys at Majd Law Firm in Beverly Hills have a lot of experience handling such cases and will put all of their knowledge towards helping you negotiate for spousal support.

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