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When you start thinking about filing for a divorce, the process itself can seem intimidating. There’s so many steps to follow and forms to fill out, which can make it seem very confusing and off-putting to even begin. Maybe it is such a confusing process to you or would take up too much of your time that you think having a company that can complete each step for you and you just pay them for the work for the easiest. However, this doesn’t exist. The closest you can get is a company that claims to offer such a service but may not explain everything or finish the process for you.

Working with new clients who started the process by hiring an online company you found is great for us both. Our attorneys at Majd Law Firm can explain everything properly and you can be sure you personally do everything properly as well. Before, you might have been handed forms that you didn’t understand fully or know the full disclosure process – or even why that matters.

Even filing documents with the court can be difficult to wrap your head around. Perhaps it seems weird to bring extra copies of all of your paperwork so you can get a stamped copy back – just in case you need proof that you filed the paper later on.

Even if you have an easy and mutually agreed upon divorce case, having an attorney that can help you manage the filing and service of papers is always helpful to have by your side. Attorneys also let you know what you need to have done in order for the court to approve the divorce and make a final judgement.

In Beverly Hills courts, as with many other courts, it can take months after having submitted your paperwork to receive any information back. This is when having an attorney comes in handy because you can get a rejection notice saying you forgot something if you submit your papers on your own. The stress of figuring out what was missed is too much when you can have someone else make sure you have it all done in the first place.

When preparing to have the uncontested divorce finalized, our attorneys Majd Law Firm will help make sure that you have all the disclosures and forms finished the first time around. This will help make sure everything is approved, especially because court clerks can reject paperwork for even the smallest problems, and you won’t have to pay any additional fees to refile later on.

Our attorneys will make sure that everything is done correctly and any problems will be fixed as soon as possible. They will also ensure all of the proper documents you need to submit to the court are gathered and that your get a stamped copy as well. They can even make sure that your Marital Settlement agreement has everything covered and all the terms within it to protect you and your assets.

While going through this process on your own is easier on your wallet, it’s harder on your mind because of the stress of checking everything repeatedly. Contact us today and we can discuss how we can help you through your divorce process.

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