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Divorce Decree

You may be wondering: what is a divorce decree? A divorce decree is the court’s final judgment order that officially terminates a marriage. While each divorce decree will differ from one another, they are meant to briefly cover what each person is expected to do once the divorce has been finalized.

The importance of these decrees isn’t just to list out your duties, but also to officially complete the divorce process. Your status as married or divorced isn’t finalized until the decree has been finished. If a divorce process has not been completed yet, things like debt, taxes, and employee benefits can be affected, amongst other things.

What’s in a divorce decree?

Typically, the following are addressed within divorce decrees:

  • Property division
  • Alimony
  • Matters regarding your children together, if any (i.e. visitation rights)
  • Financial obligations of each person (i.e. if a debt needs to be paid)

They also tend to include information related to your case, like the names of each person, the date the decree was issued, and the case’s number. This helps especially if you need to find your divorce decree later in the future. If you do need it, you can typically find them in your county’s records office.

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