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While it may be tempting to skip over the cost of paying for an attorney when you are facing any type of legal issue, it is really not something you should try to do on your own. Having an experienced attorney in the area you need legal guidance in helps to ensure your rights are protected. In the case of child support of child custody, having an experienced attorney by your side help to make sure both your rights and your child’s rights are protected during this process.

There are various complex factors that will determine both support and custody issues, as they go together almost always. These factors can range from how much time you and your child spend together and how sincere the judge believes you are about the support requests.

Because it is a very complex issue, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation today. We are more than happy to help inform you on any issue you may be confused about.

How quickly can someone get child support in California?

It will typically take about 2 months to get the court orders for child support. As a general outline, the process goes like this:

  1. You fill out all the appropriate paperwork. After it has all been filled out properly, you file it with the court along with a declaration and an income/expense declaration.
  2. When you get the papers back after they have been filed, you must serve these papers along with a blank Responsive Declaration on the other side.
  3. You then wait for the hearing date, which typically takes around 6 weeks to be sorted out.
  4. You go into court on your hearing date and argue your case. After this court meeting, the judge will make the orders.

If you are unmarried and simply looking for some form of child support from your child’s other parent, then these support orders will be semi-permanent. This means they will actively remain in effect until subsequent orders changes these support orders.

If you are going through a divorce, then these support court orders will be temporary orders. This means that the court orders will remain in place until the trial or until a judgement is submitted at the end of the divorce process. In this case, the amount of child support that you receive or pay will depend upon many different factors, as does everything else in the divorce process.

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