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With the events of COVID-19 becoming more and more monitored, it has become a dangerous and much more challenging time for many victims of domestic violence. As everyone is confined to their homes, domestic violence victims have it worse as they can be confined to their abuser during these times of crisis. With this in mind, that means that there have been many domestic abuse case calls, increasing the involvement of police in their areas. 

As this is happening, it has been much difficult to further navigate and process the filing process as well as obtaining any possible access to legal services due to the stay at home orders in the U.S. However, that hasn’t stopped many from being able to extend their legal hands online and open virtual legal clinics to aid those who have been involved in domestic violence cases.

Such initiative has been held in Seattle University School of Law as it helps to seek that aid with their domestic abuse victims. This initiative has been led by Professor Deirdre Bowen in order to utilize technology to provide these services in need. This assistance is provided via Legal Atoms, which has its own pre existing relationship with the school and the county they are in through their Domestic Violence Advocacy Program. With these features, people can chat on the website and be able to ask questions anonymously in order to help file their cases and provide filing protection.

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